Secure Supplier Portal Administrator

The Supplier Portal Administrator’s role and responsibilities include:

     User Management:    
              The Administrator will have access rights to create/modify/delete Users (Multiple Users) for your organization.
              This eliminates dependency on RCL enabling your organization to manage employee access RCL secured content.
              The Users created by the Administrator will have full access to the Portal, with one exception the User Management tools.

Only Active Suppliers with a unique RCL Supplier ID may request Supplier Portal Administrator changes.

To request a change to your Supplier Portal Administrator set-up kindly email the following required information to The email subject line must state "Supplier Portal Administrator Request".

    Company Legal Name:
    Company RCL Supplier #:
    Company D-U-N-S #:
    Full Name of the Primary Contact at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd:
    E-mail address of the Primary Contact at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd:
    Supplier Portal Administrator Full Name:
    Supplier Portal Administrator E-mail address:
    Supplier Portal Administrator Telephone #:
    Supplier Portal Administrator Emergency #:
    Type of change being requested:

This information will be confirmed with the RCL Supplier supplier relationship manager (your primary contact at RCL). A representative from RCL's Supply Chain Management division may contact you for additional information.

It is especially important that any personnel requiring access to enter information into the Port Access Security System (PASS) are registered by your Supplier Portal Administrator. Registration of each PASS user is critical to ensuring ship deliveries are properly scheduled. If a supplier does not provide a Supplier Portal Administrator during the on-boarding process with RCL their organization will not be able to access our secured site or the PASS application.

Note: Due to the volume of emails we receive alternate, unmarked or unrelated subjects may not receive a response.