Basic Operating Procedures

Confirmation Requirements

Purchase orders must be confirmed online within 48 hours of receipt. A confirmation is the acknowledgement that all line items will be delivered as specified including description, brand, pack size, price, quantity, and as per the terms of the purchase order including delivery location and delivery date. Any request to change a purchase order must be communicated online during the confirmation process using the available fields or via email to the corresponding Fleet Services Agent. If your request is accepted, an updated purchase order will be transmitted no later than the next business morning. The updated purchase order will require confirmation.

Invoice Requirements

Invoices must be on original letterhead including your supplier number, written in English and in the currency specified on the purchase order. Invoices must have name of ship, voyage number, delivery date, port/warehouse name and address and purchase order number. Invoices must be itemized in detail and include: purchase order item numbers, description, count, grade, size, number of cases, unit, quantity delivered, unit price and extended prices, total value, total weight and pallet count. Line items must be invoiced in the same unit, unit price and in the same sequence as the line items on the purchase order.

Line items invoiced that are not on the confirmed purchase order will not be paid.

Please Note:

  • As of April 30th 2018, minimum payment terms will be moving from 30 days to 45 days, for better alignment with industry practices. 
  • A yearly Off-Invoice Deduction may be applied to cover participation in RCL's Supplier Monitoring, Reporting, Administration and Tracking (SMART) program, facilitated by Dun & Bradstreet.  Your RCL relationship contact can respond to your questions and provide additional information regarding program participation.

ASN Requirements – WebEC/EDI Suppliers

An ASN must be transmitted by noon one business day prior to the shipment of the goods. If you provide an invoice number at time of ASN the invoice process will also be completed. Otherwise you are required to transmit your invoice no later than 24 hours after delivery and the invoice must be exactly the same as the ASN or your payment will not be processed in a timely manner.

ASN/Invoice Requirements – Non-WebEC/EDI Suppliers

Invoices must be emailed to the Fleet Service Agent by noon one business day prior to the shipment of the goods. Mail ONE original invoice to Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Accounts Payable, P.O. Box 025545, Miami, FL 33102-5545 (for Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International) or to Pullmantur, Accounts Payable, c/ Mahonia, 2- 5ª, C.P. 28043, Madrid, Spain  (for Pullmantur and Croisieres de France cruises) .  A copy of the proof of delivery must be attached to the invoice and invoice must be sent within ten (10) days from the delivery date.

Pallet and Label Requirements

Pallets must be IPPC compliant and completely shrink-wrapped for extended transport. Each pallet must indicate the ship’s name, voyage number, purchase order number(s), pallet weight and have an inventory affixed. The pallet inventory must list item description, case count; and for produce, meat and seafood also the weight. The date of delivery must be clearly indicated on each package or case. Refrigerated items must be delivered in a refrigerated vehicle. Pallets delivered to Logistics Center should be a maximum height 45 inches (for Azamara, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean International cruises) or 1,25 meters (for Pullmantur and Croisieres de France cruises) and may be double stacked. Pallets delivered direct to ship should be a maximum of 66 inches (for Azamara, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean International cruises) or 1,60 meters (for Pullmantur and Croisieres de France cruises).

Four (4) EXACT copies of the original invoice(s) must accompany all deliveries. One copy should be signed and stamped on each page by the authorized receiver. Retain this copy for your records and attach to your invoice(s) as proof of delivery when sending the invoice(s) to Accounts Payable.

Deliveries - Direct to Ship

The ship’s representative should sign and stamp each page of a copy of the invoice(s) Invoices are generally signed and stamped after all items have been counted and verified, in the event items cannot be counted and verified before sailing, discrepancies will be reported to Fleet Services. The Fleet Services Agent will file the claim with the Supplier.  Suppliers delivering direct to ship in the USA must enter their details into the Port Access Security System. All suppliers delivering direct to ship outside the USA must comply with local customs, port safety and security requirements applicable to the port of delivery.

Deliveries - Logistics Center or 3rd Party Consolidator

All deliveries to the Royal Caribbean´s Logistics Center must be scheduled by calling (954) 233-1802 or emailing Deliveries to a 3rd party must be scheduled directly with the consolidator per delivery instructions. The Logistics Center or consolidator should sign and stamp each page of a copy of the invoice(s) only after all items have been counted and verified.

Small Quantity/Package UPS, Etc.

Each package/case must be clearly labeled with the name of the ship, voyage number, the purchase order number(s) and the number of cases per shipment. Example: Legend of the Seas, LG-0202, PO#2003111, case 1 of 3. A package/case containing multiple purchase orders must be clearly labeled will all the purchase order numbers. Invoices must be attached to the outside of each package. Incompletely labeled packages will result in non-payment and is subject to refusal at supplier expense.

Export Documentation/Hazardous Materials

Suppliers are required to provide and bear the cost of all necessary export certificates/inspections, MSDS (original placards) and any other documentation/packaging required by final destination. Detailed instructions are found on our secure content pages under Logistics Documentation and Schedules (you must login to view this page).

Your adherence to the above requirements in addition to verifying that your invoices match the purchase order and the proof of delivery will ensure a timely and accurate payment.

Specification Management

RCL Specifications

Suppliers are required to:

  • adhere to the agreed upon product and/or service specifications
  • perform quality inspections of product prior to delivery
  • submit specification changes to RCL for REVIEW and APPROVAL
    • advance notification and written approval from RCL prior to delivery is required when providing substitute products or services
  • response in a timely and accurate manner when corrective action is required to fulfill RCL's order requirements
  • maintain Insurance
    • in compliance with agreed terms & conditions (PO or NON-PO)
    • with the addition of United States Longshoremen and Harbor Worker's insurance coverage in compliance with statutory limits when working onboard
    • and provide copies of valid insurance certificates: upon request, issuance of annual renewal policies, and/or  when there are changes in coverage

RCL Inquiry Response Expectations

Request for Quotation (RFQ) - prompt response to guidelines indicated on quote, meeting RFQ deadline requirements

EDI Trading partners shall agree to access their electronic mailboxes at least three (3) times per day in an effort to process orders in a timely manner, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

Vendor Confirmations of Receipt (997-Functional Acknowledgement) for EDI Trading Partners shall be transmitted within one (1) hour after receipt.

Vendor Confirmations of Receipt of Order (see sample) must be made within 24 hours of receipt of the Purchase Order. The form confirms Purchase Order number, quantity, delivery, specifications and pricing. The form provides an area for advisement of adjustment to quantity, delivery, specifications and pricing.

EDI Partner Purchase Order Adjustment Form (see sample) must be completed within 24 hours of receipt of the Purchase Order. The form provides advisement for adjustment to Purchase Order. Confirms Purchase Order number, adjustment to quantity, delivery, specifications and pricing.

Any pricing discrepancies or items that cannot be supplied based on the specifications set forth on the Purchase Order, must be listed on the Confirmation of Receipt or

EDI Partner Purchase Order Adjustment, along with the reason for unavailability or non-compliance.

The Purchasing Agent or Buyer will receive confirmations, which require adjustment to the Purchase Order and retain confirmations for evaluation purposes.
Suppliers must respond to all RCCL inquiries in a timely manner meeting all deadlines.


Communication Procedures

We encourage the exchange of information internally and externally on day to day business.

Suppliers must regularly audit the internal dissemination of RCL requirements throughout their organization, in addition to all subcontractor's and third parties; ensuring that all procedures are being followed on an ongoing basis.

Discrepancies must be communicated as soon as they are known.

RCL must be notified promptly of significant process changes.

RCL must be notified promptly of all changes in Company status.(Banking changes, changes in name, Tax ID#, DBA, address change, business acquisition, currency change, or contact information changes). All business change information must be communicated to your RCL Supplier Relationship Manager and the RCL Accounts Payable Department. Material changes to your business entity may require the completion of a supplier registration questionnaire and the provision of supporting documentation.

If you do not know who your RCL Supplier Relationship Manager is, please email and provide your Company Name, RCL Supplier Number, DUNS Number and any other relevant information regarding your change request for review. The Supplier Registration team will match you with your RCL Supplier Relationship Manager. 



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