Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I locate information regarding Port entry requirements?

All Ports within the United States require both a TWIC Card and a Port ID. All suppliers making direct deliveries to a vessel are responsible for ensuring their representatives have the appropriate forms of identification.

Suppliers must register all direct US Port deliveries using the Port Access Security System (PASS) a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

Click here to for more information. To access the PASS application click on the PASS link in the tool bar above.


International Ports of Call:

Each country maintains their own entry requirements contact the port to verify entry requirements before making deliveries to RCG vessels.

What is the difference between the RCG Global Regulatory Compliance Portal and the RCG Supplier Registration Portal hosted by Dun & Bradstreet?

The RCG Global Regulatory Compliance Portal is where our new and existing suppliers are invited by their relationship manager to complete and on-boarding compliance questionnaire.

The RCG Supplier Registration Portal serves two purposes: 1) it allows our existing suppliers to complete a brief set of questions, confirm their DUNS number.  2) it allows our new supplier to confirm their Supplier Provided Data.

My Company received a Supplier Registration email request from Dun & Bradstreet, is this required?

Yes, as part of our continual improvement process we are moving to an online Supplier Registration platform. All suppliers for RCG are being asked to complete a brief online Supplier Registration.

How does my Company obtain access to the secure supplier resources on this website? 

Suppliers that have an active RCG supplier account obtain access to our secure pages by either completing the on-boarding compliance questionnaire or submitting a Supplier Portal Administrator request.  Click here for more information.