Prospective Suppliers

Becoming a Royal Caribbean GROUP Supplier

Royal Caribbean Group (RCG) is focused on procuring products and services from suppliers that share our commitment to quality, safety, innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction. We encourage research and development to generate new ideas, innovative solutions and programs to contain costs as a part of the normal business cycle. We expect our suppliers to commit to a process of continuous improvement in all areas.

RCG maintains ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and international safety management system certifications and appreciates supplier's that adhere to similar management system protocols. Prospective suppliers should ensure all international maritime regulations and documentation are obtained and available upon request for any technical materials and goods, and should also obtain a “Certification of Quality” for any custom-made parts. All suppliers should have a quality and safety system appropriate for the type of product/service sold.

Prospective suppliers must have the financial health and management skill necessary to survive and grow with RCG, must have the ability to provide a quality product for a reasonable cost, and be willing to maintain inventory and have products available for just-in-time delivery. Additionally, prospective suppliers will need the ability to monitor open orders and deliveries.

Prospective suppliers are contacted to participate in procurement activities to service our needs as opportunities become available. Be aware that opportunities are dependent on current market conditions, supply chain requirements and existing contracts. Prospective suppliers are typically given consideration only when there is a need for a new bid or contract for a particular product or service. Kindly note unsolicited samples are NOT encouraged and will not be returned.

Thank you for your interest in RCG, we look forward to learning more about your business.

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