Invoice Tracking - Vendor Self Service

Our Vendor Self Service (VSS) site is available for all our active suppliers. This is a highly secured site which requires its own distinct user name and password. To request access to the Supplier Self Service system please contact your Primary RCG Relationship Owner (The person that you do business with) which will submit an internal form to request access in your behalf.

For Password Reset: Please email your Login ID and send the request to vendor self service (

Note: Only one USER ID and PASSWORD will be assigned per company so please have your contact person share this information with other users.

 · After a month if you don't log in the password will need to be reset so please keep it active as we dont want to reset your ID monthly. If after 3 months there is no activity, the access will automatically be disabled.

VSS - Invoice Tracking allows active suppliers secured access to review open invoices and information regarding the payments that have been processed. The application also provides suppliers with payment details not always available within  banking institution applications.

To access the secure link you must log in to this site, open the Supplier Resources page and click on Invoice Tracking - Vendor Self Service.


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